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"And it shall come to pass in that day, that the light shall not be clear, nor dark:
But it shall be one day which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that in the evening time it shall be light."
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20 I’m almost persuaded to believe that that’s what’s happened to our
Christian system: that in our different denominations, and clans that call
themselves Christians, we have come to that place to where ... and even
to we Pentecostals.... (Now remember, medicine goes for the whole
family.) And we Pentecostals are getting ourself into that, and we
wonder.... The whole Pentecostal world today is falling apart. The
whole system of Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, the whole religious
system’s falling apart. We see it. We know that’s the truth. 
21 Our national political world’s falling apart. The whole thing’s at the
end. As Isaiah said, “It’s become full of putrefied sores.” It’s just the
whole body’s corrupted. There’s something’s got to happen (and it’s
going to be beyond any man-made system or understanding) that will have
to bring it back to its right conditions again. I know this is a nasty picture,
but it’s the truth. We’ve got to look things just exactly what they are, and
there’s no need of quoting anything over ... coating it, rather, but just
come out and tell the truth about it. Right’s right, and wrong is wrong,
see, and we have to look at it. 
And we see the nations today. Our political and national life is rotten
to the core. It’s all full of things---television corruption, of all kinds of
dirty, filthy jokes and gags, and before our young people. And the
schools are so corrupt. My! I’m from Arizona. I was at one of the big
schools the other day, and see those young ladies and men (boys)on that campus wallowing around. I said, “I hope I never have to send
one of my children to a place like that, of such corruption.” Yet called
America.  out there 
Some of the worst I’ve ever seen is behavior of Americans in different
parts of the country. We always talking about some other country; we’d
better sweep our own doors clean before we can say anything about
someone else. And we Pentecostals ought to sweep our doors a little bit
too before we go to hollering about the Presbyterian, and Baptist, because
our system’s just as corrupt and falling apart as theirs are, see. We’re just
living in that day.

23 And now, we want to remember that in these days that Jesus was
born, we find that they had the same sort of a system. They had no
sincerity. They just went down and become a Jew, and was circumcised
the eighth day. And he actually become a Jew. Well, we’ve got the same
thing today. They take them to the church, and christen the babies. And
then, the first thing you know, why, they belong to that church. And you
ask them if they’re Christian. “Sure, I’m a Christian. I’m an American.” 
Albuquerque, NM
April 12, 1963
Vol. 63, No. 30
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